Of all the buildings that Marrakech Riads has restored in the past 20 years Dar Zellij stands as one of the most remarkable for it's interior design.

It has been transformed into a top-class gastronomic restaurant where you can experience all the charm and visual delight of Moroccan cuisine during your stay in Marrakech. In Morocco we often say that “you eat with your eyes.”

The décor is as pure and refined as the table setting and the dishes as delicious as the service is stylish.

In this superb 17th century riad, which still preserves its original painted ceilings of rare beauty, we have created a unique and compelling atmosphere, luxurious and romantic, for an enchanting journey outside time!

The glistening teapots are raised high and the boiling aromatic brew poured into the glasses, the musicians strike a few inviting notes and the round of dishes can begin – be prepared for a veritable treat!